My name is Sandro. I am from Indonesia and I graduated from my master degree in two years from National Dong Hwa University (NDHU). Currently I am studying PhD in NDHU too in the area of education, department of education and human potentials development.

Living in Taiwan is the best experience of my life thus far, also a good environment to learn Chinese. I have to recognize also that studying in NDHU is an amazing experience and I wouldn’t change one thing about my time in. Not only Taiwanese, I meet so many nice people from different countries as well.

I feel that studying in NDHU is wonderful and has excellent education system, because there are numerous academic resources if you need support such as library which has lots of books collection of English version. Besides, NDHU is a university that has a lot of international students, possessing a good curriculum, good facilities, and good variety in the teaching staff.

One important aspect I am looking for in NDHU particularly in my department is the international programs and how strong they are. The teaching staffs in my program are very good in teaching, and most of them were graduated from overseas. When I was in my master studies, all of the courses were taught in English but not in my PhD program. In addition, I am getting a lot out of my department classes. I took some courses in others department. I like that it is an inter-disciplinary program, so I can direct my studies toward what interests me.

For my PhD program, two compulsory courses are taught bilingual, both in Chinese and in English, but the rest courses are taught in English.  It is not a big problem for me since all of the materials (journals and books) are provided in English. Meanwhile, I don’t need to master Chinese language since I can ask the Professor in English as well.

I am happy to join those bilingual classes because I can go out the comfort zone and get in touch with local students from different backgrounds.By connecting with local students and participating in group study sessions, is better adjusted to understanding how the academic system works. Studying abroad in NDHU gives me the ability to be a local in amazing university.

While studying in NDHU, someclass expectations are high and some of topics are not familiar with me, compare to studying and living in my home country. However, having chance to experience different styles of education makes me grow into a more independent person and it completely changed my perspective on life. Being in NDHU tests my ability to adapt to diverse situations while being able to problem solve. Its challenge me, but I like it.

I like to study in NDHU because I have learned many things since I was in my master study until in my PhD program. Even though I face some problems in writing thesis (because English is not my first language), my supervisors are really helping me find my scholarly voice and empowering me to use it and cultivated passion for the field of researchfor my thesis and my dissertation. This has truly been the most rewarding academic experience in my graduate studies career.I love you NDHU, especially my department.

Dikirim Sandrotua Bali: Tutor di Universitas Terbuka Taiwan, Mata Kuliah  Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Indonesia Tata Bahasa dan Komposisi, Translation III, dan Translation IV (2016 – 2017). Tinggal di National Dong Hwa University, No. 1, Sec.2, Da Hsueh Rd. Shoufeng, Hualien 97401, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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